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Bearing in industrial use is quite extensive , but the role is also very large, are not missing many occasions , I believe that we all know, it is because of this , the Bearings became the most popular industrial products. But for this area is not very understanding friend might not quite clear what this linear Bearings are you following on from our Gainlead Auto Bearing Co. to do a presentation for everyone . In fact, the linear Beari......
Application Guide in our daily lives is very common, especially in the use side rails of the more widely, whether it is in our lives or in the industry, the role of side rails is very important. Specific applications such as Sliding doors Sliding bad, and so are the train tracks rail. In addition, the Guide can be used with any machine or device requires the Sliding of the above, if any, for the elevator Guide rail, there is a curtain sometime......
Bearings are an essential industrial spare parts, there is a lot of mechanical Bearings which are an important part , the lack of even one Bearing a high-tech machinery and then also not functioning properly , Bearing a large role in the visible . Is because the use of very broad Bearing , so the industry has become very popular , a lot of friends want to join this industry did not know there were flower head , then the status quo and development......
We Lishui City Gainlead Bearing Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing all kinds of Bearings in Zhejiang province , the optical Axis , side rails and other commonly used auto parts, may not be in this industry who are not very clear what is the optical Axis , is not very clear in its work principles and purposes. So here we take a look at what is the optical Axis and the Axis of the working principle and use it.   Before we und......
Linear Bearings is one of the more common varieties Bearing industry is also the most widely used Bearings , since the seventies , a strong push forward reform and opening- Bearing industry is one of the more popular industry , after the founding of New China , especially in the last century , the Bearing industry has entered a new period of rapid development of high quality , now is the Bearing industry is booming period.   To the present......




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